Thomas Boswell chat 04.01.2010; Adam Kilgore is getting it done

Ask Boswell: Nats Spring Training, Stephen Strasburg, Caps and moreThe Post
“Washington Post sports columnist Thomas Boswell will be online Thursday, April 1 at 11:00 a.m. ET to take your questions about the NCAA Tournament, March Madness, Nationals Spring Training, Stephen Strasburg, the rest of Major League Baseball, the Caps, Redskins and his latest columns from Spring Training.”

This close to the season, I can’t help but expect Bos to be incredibly giddy and say something like the Washington Nationals are a .500 team.

Hitting coach Rick Eckstein is a well-regarded resource for the Washington NationalsThe Post
“I’ve had good hitting coaches in the past,” Dunn said. “He takes it to another level. His life is hitting. Not baseball. It’s hitting.”

That says it all doesn’t it? Eckstein wasn’t able to help beat writer Adam Kilgore too much though. Kilgore’s experience of working with the hitting coach is an entertaining read.

Anybody miss Chico Harlan yet? No, I didn’t think so either.

Stephen Strasburg is so amazing that he is making people want to visit Altoona!

So little time, I have to write up my Nationals Park Media Day experience at lunch I guess.

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