I am probably the only one who is OK with Mark Lerner shagging flies

Principal owner Mark Lerner (not to be confused with the managing principal owner, his father Ted) likes to put on a Washington Nationals uniform and catch fly balls during batting practice from time to time. He gets mocked for it, I’m okay with it, since it sounds like a lot of fun. Its like fantasy spring training, with out throwing inside to Joe Pepitone or punching out Mickey Mantle.

Well, its all fun and games until Lerner gets hit in the face with a fly ball (Nationals Journal, The Post).

“I’ve never seen blood gush that fast out of someone,” said one Nationals player.

Lerner is okay after some stiches, but it was the kind of night for the Nats (The Post). They were down 10-1 to New York Mets (Luis Atilano was terrible (CSN Washington), giving up 7 runs, 6 earned over 4 1/3 innings) when I finally got to turn on the game in the sixth and I decided to do other things. They actually put up a fight and scored another 6 runs and had a chance to tie with Adam Dunn up and the bases loaded, but could not come through.

Nyjer Morgan says he’s starting to feel like last year. That would be good, because he’s been pretty bad this season.


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