A few days ago, Black Shoe Diaries looked back at the controversial entry into the Big Ten by Penn State. The other Big Ten athletic departments were not happy about it. I was not a Nittany Lion at the time, though I still remember a lot of bad blood (especially after 1994) on both sides during my tenure as a Penn State student. I’d say that by 2000 or so it had waned for the most part. The look back is prompted by Nebraska entering the conference without the animosity.

Oh and another thing, the BSD post has a bunch of Bo Schembelcher quotes in it and the reminds me that he was one of the most overrated coaches of all time. He never won a national title and lost twice as many bowl games as he won. He’s below Joe Paterno and even Jim Tressel. I’d say Schembelcher was in the same league as Barry Alvarez, but Alvarez could win in January and did not have the advantages that Schembelcher did.

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