I had not yet read about the latest tale of alleged Russian espionage (The Post) when Fritz mentioned on Facebook that some of them lived in Riverhouse apartment complex in the Pentagon City neighborhood of Arlington. Based on the photos I’ve seen, they apparently lived in the building Fritz moved out of last week, The Ashley. I lived in the middle building of the complex, The Potomac, for 6.5 wonderful years. I’m not shocked spies lived there either, though maybe they should have lived a little further up Arlington Ridge Road…

Try to forget Sean Young was in that movie

See Fritz, you move out of Riverhouse and it all goes to hell.

I also grew up one street over from Robert Hanssen in Vienna; my brother and I had friends on that street and we used to ride our bikes through the park he got busted in. So, I guess after I move out of my condo, some spies will be busted in that complex too.

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