Nats don’t get call, then fall to the Astros, 8-7The Post
For all the talk about June 2005, last night was more like June every other Washington Nationals season. Craig Stammen gave up 3 runs in the first, 5 total over 5 innings. Adam Dunn went hitless, walking twice, but striking out twice at crucial times. Ryan Zimmerman even made an error in the bottom of the 9th. The Nats thought they had the Houston Astros beat though when Lance Berkman appeared to swing at the game’s penultimate pitch. Umpire Bill Hohn, who ejected Astros pitcherRoy Oswalt under odd circumstances the day before, upheld home plate umpire’s ball call. The next pitch to Berkman went into left field for a hit and the game was over. The Nats had come back in the top of the inning, but it was all for naught. Zimmerman even lashed out about the Berkman checked-swing call.

So, is Oswalt still open to pitching for D.C.? The more I see of Stammen, the more I’m interested in Oswalt. Let’s see the prospective rotation for next spring includes ┬íLIVAN!, Cheing Ming Wang, Jason Marquis, Scott Olsen, Jordan Zimmermann, Luis Atilano, some unheralded rookie making his debut in a week and John Lannan. Currently, four of those players are injured. Go ahead and make the trade if the price is right. It isn’t my money after all.

Several Nats are leading the league in triple crown categories. (FJB)

There will be more tickets available to the June 8 game, aka Stephen Strasburg’s first scheduled MLB start (DC Sports Bog, The Post). The Nats are trying to sell ticket packages and to season ticketholders before releasing more to the public. They did the same thing for Nationals Park Opening Night 2008. I’m cool with it.

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