Five years ago, the Washington Nationals were on top of the worldThe Post
The Washington Nationals shocking first half of the 2005, especially the month of June, is recalled by the original Post beat writer, Barry Svrluga. It was simply a magical time when the reality of a D.C. baseball team exceeded the dream. They swept an entire homestand, including my bachelor party game at the end against the Seattle Mariners. Junior Speivey hit a home run that day — Junior Speivey!

Several of the players from that team, Brad Wilkerson, John Patterson and Jose Vidro are out of baseball. Only Cristian Guzman and Livan Hernandez are on the Nats now; the former missed a whole season due to injury and the latter was traded the next year and played for 4 other teams before coming back to D.C. Perhaps the key player in the whole drama was Jose Guillen who alternately sparked the Nats against the Angels and who turned on them after a Pedro Martinez bean ball.

It is a great read and also worth noting that the 2010 Nats also started out with a 26-26 record.

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