New brewery, Port City, coming to Alexandria

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For whatever reason, BetlwayLand has not been a ripe market for local breweries.* That is going to change though with Port City Brewing Company opening up in Alexandria. Bill Butcher, a wine distributor, is the founder. His master brewer Jonathan Reeves used to be with the local Sweetwater Tavern brewpubs chain. Initial offerings will include pale ale, IPA, porter and a Belgian wit. It sounds like they’ll get started in the fall at a Wheeler Ave. location. At this time, it will just be a brewery, but tours, tastings and take-out will be available.

In addition to Port City, there is the brew-your-own Shenandoah Brewing Co. on Pickett Street between Van Dorn Strett and Edsall Road. I went there once with the Metro Washington Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association and found to be an interesting, if smelly and humid, experience. Others seem to be having the time of their lives.

*Old Dominion Brewing Company was based in Loudon County, but has since moved to Delaware. Frederick, Md. has Flying Dog Brewery, but that is not really BeltwayLand.


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