New deliverable for Ted Leonsis: Manute & Muggsy statue

In remembering Manute Bol, I mentioned that the famous photo of him with Muggsy Bogues ought to be put on the side of Verizon Center.

Greatest photo in Washington Bullets history
A publicity photo of Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues, the tallest and shortest NBA players ever. Shocking, this Bullets team did not make the playoffs. I'd put this on the side of Verizon Center for all time.

Then I got to thinking, why limit it to just a big poster, we need a life size statue of the two somewhere at the Phone Booth.


I don’t know where it would go, but that would be a wonderful addition to Wizards experience. Who wouldn’t want to get their photo taken there?

While we are at it, lets get Wes Unseld and Abe Pollin statues too. Better include some Capitals too, maybe Dale Hunter streaking towards Ron Hextall and Rod Langway in all his mustached glory as well. Let’s not make the same mistake as Nationals Park though.

My other deliverables for Leonsis (one has already been met)


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