Once it became apparent that Stephen Strasburg was going to become a member of the Washington Nationals, I wondered if and when Strasburg, Va., a Shenandoah Valley town, would seek to link itself with him. That wondering is over, they are already at it.

The story of renamestrasburg.com broke today. Justin Ritenour, a 21 year old Strasburg town conncilman and sports marketer/ESPN writer Shane Igoe want to invite Strasburg to Strasburg so that they can rename the town Stephen Strasburg, parade him on the back of a firetruck and rename the traveling Little League team the Stephen Strasburgs. DC Sports Bog’s take — he wonders if it is a hoax. Very good point Steinberg, very good point. I’ve got an email into Ritenour to confirm.

Hoax or not, it is all pretty clever, but has one drawback:


I’m excited about Strasburg, the pitcher, and hope he can live up to the hype, but he has not done anything for the Washington Natioanls on the field yet. Let’s give the man a chance to do something and prove himself before towns get renamed.

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