#1 and #5 are the best.

This is even better:

Strasburg strikes out 14 in MLB debut from FYSS on Vimeo.

Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler’s radio calls — too bad they are not on the video.

Charlie & Dave call Strasburg’s 14 Strikeouts from FYSS on Vimeo.

More importantly, the Washington Nationals swept the Pittsburgh Pirates too. All the Nats need to do this year is beat the Buccos once in Pittsburgh and I win a Primanti Bros. sandwich from The Maryland Bureau Chief. Of course, I would have to get all the way out there and go into Penguins country, but a bet is a bet.

Author: WFY

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  3. If I have to live in Caps nation, you can come to Yinzer country. We’ll try to get you an IC Light an’ at. 🙂

  4. If I’m going that far, I’ll drink the full-flavor Iron City instead of the light.

    I was really eager to see that Nats there this year, but the Disney trip fell in our laps.

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