Tomorrow morning at 10:00, Washington Nationals president Stan Kasten will appear on WTOP’s The Politics Program with Mark Plotkin. He’ll likely ask Kasten a tough question or two (plus the “what are the Nats doing for D.C. voting rights question) and maybe even let some callers ask some too. I don’t think I’ll get to call in, but if I did, I would probably ask a question like one of the following:

After several years of losing, front office scandals and disagreements with the District, what are you doing to make people love the Nats? Just putting Stephen Strasburg out there every five days isn’t enough.

What have you learned about the fanbase, D.C.’s political establishment (local and national) that you wished you had known when you took over the team 4 years ago?

Why were the Nats unwilling to give the general public a chance to buy single game tickets to Opening Day?

Will the Nats ticket reps be courting out of town fans for group sales for big games like Opening Day, July 4, etc.?

I am sure I could come up with several more, but I think these are some pretty good ones. I encourage you to participate and ask similar questions. Something along the lines of “You have handled your hair loss with dignity, why hasn’t Mark “The Combover” Plotkin done the same?

The Nats are due back from a nasty 1-5 Lake Erie road trip (Nats Insider). The only game they won — the one Stephen Strasburg started last Sunday at the Clveland Indians. He gets to be the stopper again as he takes the hill at Nationals Park against the Chicago White Sox Friday night.

As for that road trip, the Detroit Tigers sweep was the first time the Nats lost a whole 3 game series. Since the logistics of a mayor’s bet are too hard (half-smokes don’t go through the mail well), my friend J.J. and I agreed that the fan of the team that lost the series would call the other. I left a message.

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