Why the apathy for Nats vs. O’s?

The Washington Nationals head up to the wrong end of the B/W Parkway (that’s north nationals.com Nationals Enquirer) to face the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards for the final interleague series of the season. The good guys won the last series, held in Nationals Park, 2-1 when Josh Willingham hit a walk off homer in the 10th. I admit I have a bad feeling about this series, the Nats aren’t hitting again and the I could see O’s winning, if only to upset me.

I’m glad that I have not seen Facebook statuses and Twitter updates of Nats fans talking about being bad Washingtonians and giving O’s owner Peter Angelos money by attending the series — that would reward his bad behavior (voting no to move, taking the Nats TV rights) against D.C. and the Nats. There isn’t a lot of hate for the O’s out there though and that is something I feel I need to fix. My extensive archives of Orioles/Angelos hate (overlapping as they may be) can be viewed via this category Peter Angelos is a coward and this tag MASN Sucks. Oh and since MASN forces a meathead “analyst” on Nats viewers, be sure to check out the Rob Dibble tag.

Am I thrilled the Orioles are having a historically bad season (The Post)? Is the Pope German? I just hope there is not a Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper waiting for them to draft. I’m thinking along the lines of Todd Van Poppel or Brien Taylor.

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