UPDATE – The 2011 rankings: Nats excluded from Washington market in ESPN Ultimate Standings form

ESPN’s 2010 Ultimate Standings, a rankings of the 122 teams in the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA is out again. The D.C. teams rank as followed:

11. Washington Capitals (3)
94. Washington Nationals (27)
102. Washington Redskins (28)
120. Washington Wizards (29)

The criteria are Bang For The Buck, Fan Relations, Ownership, Affordability, Stadium Experience, Players, Coaching, Title Track. Obviously, the last one is a tough one for D.C. right now, but primed to only get better. With Ted Leonsis now running the Wizards, they should shoot up this list for next year as fan relations, ownership, stadium experience and players are all expected to be much improved. The Nats probably only improve on Players (i.e. Stephen Strasburg) for the next survey. The Redskins will improve in ownership if Dan Snyder actually commits to the laissez faire approach. About the only way for the Caps to improve is a deep playoff run.

Overall, every team but the Nats fell from their spot in last year’s survey. With every team but the Redskins having had a #1 overall pick in the last few years, the bottom was reached already.

The survey is flawed of course, but it still an interesting look at where sports stand here.

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