Mr. Walkoff returns! Nats beat Padres 6-5

Ryan Zimmerman must really want to go to the All-Star game.

Since being selected as a candidate to the NL’s final vote for the All-Star game, the third baseman has been on fire. Last night, he did what he does best — hit a walkoff homer ( video, SHUT UP DIBBLE), winning another game (The Post) for the Washington Nationals in dramatic fashion. Last night’s walkoff was his sixth in about 5.5 MLB seasons. The victim: Luke Gregerson of the San Diego Padres. Zimmerman hit another homer earlier in the game. He’s still the face of the franchise (Nats Insider).

Zimmerman’s heroics would not have been necessary had Tyler Clippard not destroyed a fine start by ¡LIVAN! — 7 innings of 2 run ball in 99° heat. Clippard promptly coughed up 3 runs to tie the game. Ian Desmond contributed to the mayhem with another error off a poor Cristian Guzman feed. Desmond atoned for it by throwing out the go ahead run at the plate in the top of the ninth. Desmond also homered earlier in the game.

A strong ¡LIVAN! outing and a Mr. Walkoff appearance are two of my favorite Nats events; too bad there had to be a lot of aggravation in between the two.

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