On Saturday morning I was penning a pretty sizable entry about the Washington Nationals at the halfway point of the 2010 season when my son woke up and I never got back to it. These things happen when you have a two year old around who has moved from the crib to the bed. Anyway, I was writing how I agreed with the pro (Thomas Boswell) and the semi-pro (Chris Needham) that the Nats ought not trade Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham for prospects for a couple of reasons: they Nats would not get much in return and these guys form a legit middle of the lineup with Ryan Zimmerman.

Obviously, we are looking at a hypothetical situation here, but if the pitching comes around having those three guys in the middle of the lineup can give us fanboys some hope that the farm system has not given and likely will not give in the next several years. Throw us a bone and keep them together. I don’t think that mortgaging the second half of this season and all of next is going to bring enough for the future to be worthwhile. I want the Nats to take a shot about being a little lucky next year. At the very least, as Bos says, no reason the team can’t be entertaining while they build. Giving us a reason to watch them on TV or at the ballpark is kind of necessary at this point.

The thought of a 2011 rotation with Stephen Strasburg and Jordann Zimmermann in it isn’t too bad is it? Throw in three from the Liván Hernández, Craig Stammen, John Lannan, Cheing Ming-Wang, Jason Marquis, Scott Olsen, Ross Detwiler pool and a decent to strong pitching staff. Oh and El Duque, Orlando Hernández, I almost forgot him. The Nats signed him last week for some reason. His half-brother ¡LIVAN! is speaking highly of him. Its like its 1999 again, right?

Closer Matt Capps is the official Nats All-Star. Um, really? Anyway, I’d like to see Zimmerman get the last man in fan vote. Of course, I cannot remember watching an All-Star game beginning to end, but since there is one, Zimmerman needs to be in it. Since I am still firmly in the “let’s baby the rookie pitcher/savior” mode, I am glad Strasburg isn’t going to the All-Star game. Let him sleep for three days or whatever.

Speaking of the All-Star game, I never did comment on the rumor that D.C. would get the 2015 one. Sounds good — the ballpark area development should be much better by then so it’ll be a good time to show off Natstown. The team better be better developed too. More importantly, that aforementioned son will be just about the age where having an All-Star game in town would something he could appreciate all the events that come with it. By the way, when MLB was fighting with the District over the Nats lease, I was hoping the city council would have tried to get a second All-Star game during the life of the lease. I think that was probably a missed opportunity.

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