First off, let’s hand to MLB marketing, this final All-Star vote thing has a lot of buzz/I’m gullible and I am playing along with it. Any, I have already linked to the voting page twice because Mr. Walkoff, err Ryan Zimmerman is one of the 5 NL finalists.

An interesting development came out of this – the Washington Nationals are teaming up with the Texas Rangers to promote their respective players in the Final Vote. It’s a good idea, but why it’d have to be the Rangers? I’d of course rather it be the Yankees. Plus the Rangers play in “some jerk town with the single boast it is equidistant from Dallas and Fort Worth” — OMG, they are close to the Cowboys. Of course, the big problem is the Rangers are the former Washington Senators — the ones Bob Short over-leveraged himself to buy and then moved to a lesser market.

Shirley Povich would not approve.

Author: WFY

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