The tickets sent to Penn State season ticket holders indicate that the Nittany Lions game against Temple is a “WHITEHOUSE” game. You know, the overrated promotion that is supposed to give the Nittany Lions a massive home field advantage, but doesn’t? The man who dumbed down the Beaver Stadium experience, Guido D’Elia, had this to say on Twitter:

Not so fast!… Next “whitehouse” at Beav is Bama 2011 & not 9/25/10 as mis- printed on 2010 season tickets..bad computer! bad!!

Uh huh, it was a misprint from a bad computer. Sure Guido, we believe you.

Apparently, the home schedule is lacking an opponent that is worthy of 108,000 free t-shirts being given out. Listen, I get that a college football game is massive exercise in groupthink and I have joyfully bought into it since 1995, but give us enough credit to wear white on our own if we so please. Washington Capitals fans don’t need free t-shirts for their color outs, why should Penn Staters? Also, turn off the piped in music and let the Blue Band play or even let us have a few seconds of dead air on the p.a.

Author: WFY

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