The Washington Nationals have not exactly stormed out of the gate after the All-Star Break. After opening the second part of the season with a Stephen Strasburg led 4-0 win over the Florida Marlins, the Nats have scored all of 2 runs in three games. Both of those runs came in last night’s 7-2 to the Cincinnati Reds after being shut out two days in a row.

I’m not expecting much the rest of the way, it is a mortal lock that they are not going to make a run at the playoffs, but I’d like to see them be competitive. If they don’t start winning series, they are going to be completely buried by Washington Redskins training camp news. Not that they won’t anyway, but now and then I’d like to hear about a Nats win prior to a report about Donovan McNabb liking his new receivers, blah, blah, blah. It is just like in the spring when I’d rather hear about a Capitals game over Nats spring training news.

Oh and I’m tired of Adam Dunn trade talk as I am sure he is too. Oh and I could use some bragging rights over some folks in Ohio I deal with every day.

Author: WFY

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