Strasburg is intense; Nats aren’t as Brewers sweep; Barn shoutout

The Milwaukee Brewers swept the Washington Nationals this weekend. It was an disappointing series. First some interesting, less depressing stuff than the gamers:

Homer off of Stephen Strasburg at your own perilDave Shenin of The Post has part IV of his series on Stephen Strasburg. His wife (then fiancee was asked to describe him in one word by their pastor — “intensity”). Since 2007, when Strasburg was a freshman closer for San Diego State, Strasburg has allowed a total of only 15 home runs, the most recent of which was Torres’s.

Of those 15 batters, two never faced Strasburg again. The other 13? The next time they faced him, they went a combined 1 for 12 (the one hit being a dribbler to second for an infield single) with eight strikeouts and one walk.

“You could see the difference in him,” said Ben Carruthers, who, as a senior second baseman for Texas Christian University, homered off Strasburg on March 27, 2009, Strasburg’s final year at San Diego State. “After my homer, he struck out seven of the next nine batters. He was just burying that slider. And when I got up again, he threw me three straight fastballs — 100 miles per hour, each of them. And I missed all three. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

So, maybe he needs to give up a solo homer early in every game?

Liván Hernández wants to say. Hey, I feel the same way! ¡LIVAN! and Strasburg are the only guys who have been winning lately (Nats Insider)


Adam Dunn, who didn’t start, went up to say hi to Bob Uecker during the game. Nationals News Network was not amused. Uecker just returend from sevearl months off due to heart surgery.

We’ll be hearing an awful lot about Dunn between now and Saturday, unless he signs an extension or gets traded. I still want him here.

Ross Detwiler made his first start of 2010. It did not go well. Final score 8-3, Brewers.

The Post: Washington Nationals lose to Milwaukee Brewers, 8-3 Morgan unable to help Nats avoid sweep


Some weird about this game — the uncertainty of whether the Nats had scored. The scoreboard did not show that the first D.C. run had been scored, leading to confusion in the radio booth. Also, Collin Balestar got called up, I had not heard that prior to listening to the game coming back from a trip to Maryland, so I was shocked to hear his name. He went in for an injured J.D. Martin. It didn’t matter, the Nats lost again, though they tied it in the ninth at 3. Final score 4-3, Brewers.

The Post: Washington Nationals lose after Ryan Braun’s walk-off single in ninth lifts Brewers, 4-3 Up and down game ends with Crew on top


Baseball on the Barn! While I was chasing my 2 year old around, Bob Carpenter mentioned MissChatter and her “farm.” Shockingly, Rob Dibble didn’t ruin the moment.

A big thanks to Gary Kriebel of Old Dominion Productions, LLC for getting that video up.

The Nats blew a 5-1 lead, rigth after we left for the evening. Jim Riggleman, overmanaged the game too. We better get used to it, he’s inked through 2011. Michael Morse hit 2 HRs, good for 4 RBI, got pulled in a double-switch. Final score 7-5, Brewers.

The Post: Washington Nationals blow four-run lead in 7-5 loss to Milwaukee Brewers Edmonds gives Brewers the final say


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