I was wondering why the Washington Nationals were not playing yesterday. It was a federal holiday after all and what better time to host a day game? This was especially true since all the schools are finally closed and the area was filled with tourists. They should have had last Thursday off instead.

When I was driving home from work yesterday (I worked in a 365 days a year department, but since I get time and half plus the holiday — ca-ching!) I heard on WTOP that there was only one day game going on. I looked at the schedule and sure enough, there was only one day game scheduled in the Eastern time zone. Really, MLB unless you had information last year that it was going to be 99° up and down the east coast yesterday, you dropped the ball.

In Nats news, Thomas Boswell concludes that the All-Star Game would have been a needless distraction for an emerging Stephen Strasburg (The Post). I find myself in agreement.

Getting caught off second on a 3-2 count with 2 outs in the 9th aside (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!), Roger Bernadina is becoming the regular right fielder. (The Post)

Ryan Zimmerman
is one of the final five NL players eligible to be voted in by fans for the All-Star game. Go ahead and vote for him, you don’t want Joey Votto getting in, do you?

One last note, the power of Strasburg has stretched to my parents house. My mom has been watching the Nats regularly in the last week or so. Her comments are along the lines of “I feel so bad for him, I’m angry at the team — they can’t field, they can’t hit.” Yes, they are not exactly the 1950s New York Yankees that she used to watch with her dad. They may not even be the late 60s Yankees from when she worked for them. Welcome aboard though, Mom.

Oh and Nick Swisher is getting my AL Vote too — see previous paragraph.

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2 Replies to “Why so few day games in MLB yesterday?

  1. I’m of at least two minds about the Final Vote.

    On the one hand, no ill will to Zim, but as a matter of fact I do want Joey Votto getting in. If this game counts, and it does, Charlie Manuel just screwed his league by padding the roster with his guy. Votto would restore some balance to the roster. (For that matter Adam Dunn would have been a better choice than Howard; although Dunn will never be Keith Hernandez, he’s certainly on the short list of Most Improved First Basemen of 2010 and is better at the position than Howard.)

    On the other hand, this whole selection process has been just ridiculous enough (Omar freakin’ Infante?) that I really can’t care that much.

    So I think I can stand to give the game a miss this year. Not unlike most years.

  2. As I mentioned on Facebook, it wasn’t until this year that the schedulers managed to give every team a game on Labor Day. The last couple of years over one-third of the league had a day off on Labor Day, and in 2008 there were teams that had Memorial Day off as well. I think it’s because they use a computer now and don’t want to go to the trouble of overriding the results by hand.

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