Winter Classic press conference goes on without Capitals Ovechkin or Leonsis

In the biggest D.C sports press conference scandal since Ted Lerner and family skipped Jim Riggleman’s introductory press conference last year, Ted Leonsis and Alex Ovechkin did not attend the Winter Classic presser in Pittsburgh (The Post) yesterday.


It has been suggested to me that Ovechkin’s decision to not leave Moscow for a quick trip to Pittsburgh is why “the NHL pushes Sid, and not Ovechkin, as its most marketable player. One would think that if Ovechkin really cared about the league, he could fly back from Russia for a quick trip to promote the biggest game in the regular season.”

Perhaps Ovechkin was just following the example that Sidney Crosby set after the Olympics (NY Post), except for the fact that Ovechkin was half way around the world, not a 2 hour flight away. I think Ovi knows that the NHL doesn’t think he’s nearly as important as Crosby, so he’s not inclined to interrupt his offseason for a mere press conference.

Anyway, isn’t Pittsburgh a real hockey town? They should appreciate that the Caps sent Mike Knuble, who gets his goals by getting dirty by the net, and Dave Steckel who was the second best faceoff man in the league. Surely, those great hockey fans appreciate that kind of play, right? I mean they are love hockey there, its not like the Penguins were last in attendance the years before Crosby got there, went bankrupt twice or were in danger of moving to noted hockey hotbed Kansas City? Also, if Pens fans hate Ovechkin so much, why are they disappointed he wasn’t there?

Oh and Max Talbot doesn’t like Ovechkin (DC Sports Bog, The Post). That’s okay too.

Thanks to Ted for linking to that video.

In other news, the Caps are going to wear something that looks like their original sweater.

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