Nats take 3 of 4 from Cardinals; extend Livan through 2011

Friday morning, the Washington Nationals announced that Stephen Strasburg would miss the rest of the season (more on that later) and probably much of 2010 due to Tommy John surgery. That had followed an exciting Thursday that saw Bryce Harper come to Washington and Jordan Zimmermann return to the majors from Tommy John surgery. While his outing was not the greatest, his teammates picked up the slack by beating the St. Louis Cardinals 11-10 in the 13th inning.

Friday was a frustrating 4-2 loss to the Redbirds. (The Post)

Saturday night turned out to be a wacky, entertaining game in its own right. Livan Hernandez started off poorly, giving up 3 runs in the first inning. He settled down though, blowing through the next several innings. The Nats bats were on fire; Adam Dunn had 5 RBI including a home run. Michael Morse also homered. In all, the Nats scored 14 runs (The Post), but it should have been 15 — Nyjer Morgan hit the catcher instead of crossing the plate. When his teammates realized it, they pushed him back to the plate, making him out. Manager Jim Riggleman kept Morgan out of Sunday’s game because he knew St. Louis would through at the centerfielder. Morgan’s home plate nonsense was a childish reaction and Riggleman did the right thing. Have fun at arbitration Nyjer!

Yesterday, John Lannan pitched well again and helped his own cause with a 2-run double. The Nats took 3 of 4 from the Cards with a 4-2 win. Morse homered again. Yes, Cincinnati Reds fans are already thanking me for given them some breathing room in the NL Central over the Cardinals. (The Post, Nats Insider)

Some other good news — ┬íLIVAN! is signed through 2011! He’s been the most consistent all season — he should have about 4 more wins than he does.

Oh and Rob Dibble has not done a Nats broadcast in days and is not going on the road trip. The end is nigh!


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