There are have been a couple of blog posts out there supporting Hall of Famer Frank Robinson‘s enshrinement in the Nationals Park Ring of Honor.

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It won’t happen because there is already precedent — Ted Williams.

Williams, one of the greatest hitters of all time with the Boston Red Sox, was the last manager of the Washington Senators. In fact, he is the only man to lead a D.C. baseball team to a winning season (86-76 in 1969) in the last 50+ years. That was not enough to get him in the ring of honor, though I’ll point out it makes him more worthy than a couple of former Expos. Robinson, who managed here for 2 seasons, broke even in 2005 and had a losing record in 2006.

There seems to be a consensus that a Frank Robinson Day is in order and the bitter split seems to be a distant memory. Chances are that is because Jim Bowden is not part of the franchise. Perhaps the Hall of Stars can be restarted and moved down from the parking garage to a place that makes more sense. Put Robinson in then, along with several other worthy people. Or combine the ring of honor with the Hall of Stars which was the Ring of Stars at RFK Stadium prior to 2005.

Now, isn’t that better than reading about the latest loss to the freaking Florida Marlins? I can’t stand that team, they have the Nats number, overachieve regularly, play in an empty football stadium, had teal uniforms and somehow won two World Series.

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