The Big Ten Conference new divisions don’t have names yet and it is not a reach to think they will be named the Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler divisions. That is only acceptable to me Ohio State is in the Bo division and Michigan is in the Woody division.

Of course there is something to be said for calling the division that Penn State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois and Purdue is in the Charlie Bauman (ESPN Classic) division.

As for Schembechler, has their ever been a more overrated college football coach? He never won a national title or went undefeated. Joe Paterno went undefeated in his second Big Ten season and won the Rose Bowl. Some say he won a national championship too. Schembechler lost twice as many bowl games as he won too. I’d rather see a Barry Alvarez division than a Bo Schembechler division. We know there won’t be a Joe Paterno division though.

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