This week’s questions come from Ben Jones:

1. This offseason seems to have more storylines than usual, quarterbacking issues, and Joe’s age aside what is the first thing you’ll be looking for come Saturday?

If I were at the game, I’d say the Blue Band marching out. The first time that happens every season is magical. IN the game though, I’m looking forward to, but also a little anxious about, how Robert Bolden leads the offense. This is as easy an introduction as a true frosh can get behind center, so I am hoping he can do well. A little adversity is probably good for him, especially with a lot of adversity coming up next week.

2. Penn State has a lot of depth in positions like Linebacker and Wideout. Considering the game should be in hand come the second half, which of the less talked about players on the Nittany Lion roster do you look forward to seeing in action?

Hmmm, it seems like we have heard a fair share about every unit but the kicker this preseason, but I am most interested in the offensive line. Can they work together? A cohesive unit is critical and they need to establish that early.

3. How should Penn State handle the quarterbacking situation? How would you divide the workload?

I think they need to give Bolden as many snaps as reasonable. If he’s going to be the guy and since he is starting, I have to think that is the case long-term, he needs reps. So, unless the game is completely out of hand, I was to see at least 2.5 quarters of Bolden running the offense. Beyond that, Paterno probably needs to split the rest of the game with Matt McGloin and Kevin Newsome.

4. What’s the best case scenario for Penn State coming out of this game? How does the offense/defense look in its development, and how many people has Jack Crawford killed?

The best case scenario is that the offensive line and quarterback will be challenged frequently and rise to those challenges. Bolden getting a few people in his face early is probably a good thing, so long as the offensive line settles down.

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Over/Under (Penn State Score)—40


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# of times Joe’s age/bowels are brought up on TV

82 on the former, 0 on the latter

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