THOMAS BOSWELLAs Nats embark on next journey, will Stan Kasten be on board?The Post
Boswell thinks that Washington Nationals president Stan Kasten has grown tired of not being able to influence the Lerner family into spending more on payroll (especially for the Nationals Park debut) and misses his family in Atlanta. Boswell’s conclusion — Kasten is gone.

Boswell suggests that Kasten’s sarcastic and argumentative style might clash with Ted Lerner, who is a self-made billionaire. Boswell also acknowledges that this may be an effort by Kasten to provoke the Lerner family into taking him more seriously about matters like raising the payroll.

Kasten has frustrated me for over four years now and generally, when he does something right he goes off and does something boneheaded like overtly market to Phillies fans instead of D.C. area residents. I am inclined to agree with Boswell that the Nats are in better shape if Kasten sticks around though.

By the way Bos, Kasten was president of the Atlanta Thrashers, not the Flames, who left for Calgary since about 1980.

Author: WFY

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