Nats: Strasburg speaks about his recovery from Tommy John surgery

Washington and Strasburg going different ways
Last week, Dave Shenin wrote in The Post that Stephen Strasburg was “grumpy” following Tommy John Surgery. He was, among other things, playing phone tag with team officials like manager Jim Riggleman. His calls were generally during games which is kind of funny, I think. I was also pleased to hear he was giving up chewing tobacco.

Yesterday, Strasburg had a conference call and Federal Baseball transcribed it. While Strasburg’s answers were polished and only as revealing as they had to be, they were still what any Nats fan would want to hear. What we really wanted to hear came when asked about the Phillies clinching the NL East in Nationals Park, the third time in 4 years the Phillies clinched against the Nats:

“It didn’t look too good, that’s for sure. It happens unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the win last night, [Roy] Halladay pitched really well, but we could very well be doing that the next few years on their home turf, so it would be nice to have the payback.

Well played, Strasburg, well played. Good luck with finishing your degree too.

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