New Yorkers outraged as bureaucrats order city to change lettering on every single street signNY Daily News
$27 million to change NYC signs from all-capsNY Post
All street signs in New York City need to be converted to mixed-case Clearview font by 2018. Steve Anderson of summed it up by saying “the capital of the world is going lower-case” — Both tabloids have negative stories on the move away from all-uppercase street signs. The Daily News even makes the new signs the lead on the cover.

Commenters on Anderson’s Facebook profile suggested that reports that Clearview was mandated by Federal Highway Administration maybe incorrect. That mandate may happen in the future though.

I’m skeptical of the claims that mixed-case street makes street signs safer and I can’t stand the Clearview font, even though Penn State had a hand in its development. However, I’ll make an exception for one New York City road — the Clearview Expressway (I-295).

Author: WFY

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