Galen from Linebacker-U has this week’s questions

Penn State has lost to the two teams they were supposed to, albeit badly, and had a close scare with Temple. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being “OMG!! FIRE JOE NOW!!! and 1 being “no worries, things are going as we expected”) where are you on the Nittany Lion suicide scale and why?

I am at about a 2 on this scale of yours. Every time I have counted Joe Paterno out, he proves me wrong. I had no expectation of the Nittany Lions beating Alabama or Iowa.

Nick Sukay has back to back games with a pick and is now tied for first in the Big Ten, can we finally say this is his “breakout” year or is it too early yet?

I think 4 games in is too early to say Nick Sukay is having a breakout year. I still have concerns about him and the rest of the secondary/defense. I will say this, it is nice to have a defensive back who can catch.

Penn State is 11-2 against the Fighting Zookers in Big Ten play, they are 12-1 after a loss since 2005, and they have won 39 of 44 homecoming games for Joe Paterno; this game is in the bag right? What scares you the most about Illinois?

I think Illinois tend to recruit great athletes for Ron Zook to coach into oblivion. However, there have been times when they transcended their bad coaching and played well enough to knock off some good teams. Given that Penn State really isn’t a good team and has some serious defensive issues in addition to a poor offensive line. This should be a win, but the Illini have a shot.

There has been a lot of talk about benching Rob Bolden and giving Newsome some more playing time. Are the offensive woes Bolden’s fault or is this just wild message board overreaction?

Are the people calling for Kevin Newsome to replace Rob Bolden watching the same games I am? I simply can’t abide the PLAY NEWSOME!!1!!1 line of thinking at this time. Bolden would have to regress an awful lot for me to want Newsome in there.

Quick Hits

Both offenses are at the bottom of the conference and both defenses are pretty high (4th and 3rd) if the over/under was 35 what would you take?


Number of times Joe uses some form of “youth” in his post-game press conference?


It’s a noon start, what quarter (half maybe?!?!) does the student section fill up?

It won’t

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