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1. Was Penn State’s win over Minnesota a step in the right direction, or are any feelings of goodwill overshadowed by the fact that, well, Minnesota is just really, really bad?

The only thing that matters in this world is number in the column with the W. ZUG! Put. that. Gatorade. down.


It is a step in the right direction and Minnesota is that bad. I don’t know why I channeled Glengary Glen Ross there.

2. From all indications, it appears that Rob Bolden is out. If you were Joe Paterno, which QB would be the starter, and what would the offensive gameplan look like?

Matt McGloin will be the starter because he is apparently further along as passer than Kevin Newsome and Michigan’s weakness is the pass defense, so throw a lot and hope for the best. Brett Brackett and Derrick Moye has been solid at times, but Graham Zug is really overdue for a decent game, so I want to see something from him. Mix it up with Silas Redd and Stephfon Green running draw plays. Throw in Royster if the line can make any holes since he sees them so well. Probably not a bad idea to pray the rosary as well, because McGloin will probably throw some interceptions. I think this will be shootout.

3. Penn State’s defense has had trouble wrapping up, and Denard Robinson is the kind of player who can make one guy miss and wind up in the end zone. How can Penn State try and contain the Wolverines’ star quarterback?

I think the best thing Penn State can do is make Robinson throw the ball, rather than run it. How, I’m not sure, but go easy on the blitzes and try to confuse him with coverage. I don’t have a lot of confidence that the Nittany Lions can control the clock on offense to keep Robinson off the field.

4. On a scale of Indiana to Pitt, how much do you hate Michigan? Use examples to support your argument.

That scale is broken, because in terms of hate, Indiana and Pitt are about the same for me. Pitt is Temple West and Indiana is Temple Midwest, though perhaps that is not fair to the current Temple program. Does anybody from east of say, Johnstown still care about Pitt?

I am more baffled by Michigan than anything else. Their partisans go on and on about their tradition and history of winning, but the last time I checked the Wolverines have won exactly half a national championship in the last 50 years. Having the all-times wins record must be nice, but having 2 national championships in our lifetime is a lot better than say, winning the Big Ten when it was the Big Two and Little Eight every other year, and then losing in the Rose Bowl. Talk about BOverated! Schembechler was only won about 1/3 of his bowl games, yet they think of he should be on the coaches Mt. Rushmore.

Oh and the Big House? That’s great you have 110,000 stadium too, but having a few extra thousand seats than Beaver Stadium isn’t that big a deal. Getting 100,000 fans to show up three hours from a metropolitan are when they have to drive on two-lane roads for the last 15 miles (since corrected to some degree) impresses me a little bit more. Actually, a lot more.

5. The mystique of the White Out is sometimes overstated, but what impact do you think the night game and the crowd will have on Saturday’s game?

The White Out mystique is sometimes overrated? I think it is almost always overrated. It helped in 2005 against Ohio State and that was it. Penn State is 2-3 in White Outs! They are only 4-4 at night in Beaver Stadium in the 21st century. Just because Guido D’Elia says its great and helps Penn State doesn’t mean it does.

Quick Hits:

1. Combined yardage for Denard Robinson?

350 yards

2. Who runs for more yards, Evan Royster or Silas Redd?


3. At kickoff, what percentage of the student section is full?

Over 90% the night game combined with the false mystique of the fans intimidation of the opposition will lead to a pretty good

4. What’s your prediction for the final score?

That gets its own post

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