Another Washington Redskins game came down to the very end, but, this one did not go the burgundy & gold’s way. That sort of thing happens when you keep dropping Peyton Manning interceptions. The burgundy and gold did better than I expected — I said they would score 17 and they got 24. I was accurate with the Indianapolis Colts* scoring 27 points. You know what else I was accurate on?


Yup, the Redskins wore their gold pants and lost…again! After beating the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night to open the season, they have lost the last two games in gold pants, falling to the Houston Texans in overtime and now Indy. The record in gold pants is now 1-2, an inconvenient truth for the proponents of this hue, many who are nostalgic for a past they are too young to have experienced. Why would anyone want to be nostalgic for 1970s Redskins when the 1980s version actually won the Super Bowl in burgundy pants (or white if they wore their burgundy jerseys)? Here is the run down the Redskins record based on pants:

“gold” 1-2
white 2-0
burgundy 0-1

Also, how weird is it that we have only seen the Redskins in white jerseys once in the first 6 games?

*If not for search engine optimization, I would not even use the nickname Indy stole

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