Details on new Nats exculsive uniform unveiling

More details have emerged about the new Washington Nationals uniforms that will be released on November 10. Some details from the press release:

The glitz and glamour of the fashion runway is coming to Nationals Park. On Wednesday, November 10, the Washington Nationals will unveil their new uniforms during an exclusive fashion show featuring players* Tyler Clippard, Ian Desmond, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, Drew Storen, Ryan Zimmerman and Jordan Zimmermann. Nationals Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Mike Rizzo* is also expected to make an appearance.

The exclusivity*, described by‘s MissChatter as “an exclusive invitation-only event for their premium clients and to reward fans who have already renewed and paid for their full season ticket packages due to limited space in the Stars & Stripes Club,” has rubbed some fans the wrong way. Previous uniform unveiling were open to the public. On the one hand, I can see the Nats wanting to reward those who spend the most or pay early, but on the other that is probably going to upset a lot more people than it will motivate to spend more or pay early. The complaints I have heard from season ticket holders, there is little more than the tickets to 81 games historically, unlike other franchises which provide more than just a seat. Between the losing and the Opening Day fiasco this season, the Nats probably ought to be more inclusive of their fans, especially as the number seemingly dwindles.

Lastly, you know who I think would be a great model for the new uniforms? Adam Dunn.

*This goes for blogger coverage too: “Thank you for your interest in this event. Due to limited capacity, we are only credentialing a select group of online media and will be unable to accommodate your request. Your understanding is appreciated.” Not a big deal — I never went to the public ones and didn’t regret it.


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