THOMAS BOSWELLIs it time for Washington baseball fans to ‘forgive’ the Texas Rangers?The Post

I’ve been over this before, the Texas Rangers are the enemy. The former Washington Senators moved away because over-leveraged owner Bob Short was incompetent. Boswell of all people should know better than to reward that kind of bad behavior, even 39 years later. I missed out on being able to go to ball games as a kid because of Short. Perhaps we can forgive the Rangers after the Nationals have been here for 33 years — maybe sooner if the Nats win the World Series before the Rangers do.

At the heart of it, you have to wonder if Boswell just wants the Yankees to lose so badly, he’ll root for anyone. I however do not want the Yankees too lose and think they can take the series in 6.

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Author: WFY

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