Illinois Fighting Illini 33 PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS 13

First off, I want to congratulate Galen Hall and Jay Paterno for calling for a deep ball after Rob Bolden threw a pick-six. It was an excellent call that showed confidence in the freshman quarterback and since he hit Derek Moye for a touchdown, it worked out perfectly.

That is the only positive thing I can come up with from Penn State’s 33-13 Homecoming loss to Illinois on Saturday.

The Nittany Lions are a football team that lacks both offensive and defensive lines, a running game, wide receivers who can catch, a secondary, linebackers, a proven quarterback health, depth and leadership on and off the field. The team has no spark and no pride. There is nothing about them that scares an opposing team. The lack of any fire by the entire team starts at the top and doesn’t end until the bottom.

My first instinct is to wonder and hope the Nittany Lions can get to six wins so they would be bowl eligible. It isn’t so much for the post-season game, but for the extra month of practice. If this team continues to show such lackluster efforts during the rest of the season, I think the last thing they would need would be more time together.

Right now, they need this bye week badly. Everybody needs to regroup and refocus. They have a trip to Minnesota for a likely 11 a.m. game (local time) so they better get their act together or they will be really embarrassed.

It feels like 2003 again. At least the 2004 team had a defense.

I’m not counting Joe Paterno out though, every time I have, he has proven me wrong.

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