Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman spoke out to nationals.com during yesterday’s final day off of the season. The face of the franchise wants veterans to take more control of the clubhouse so that the manager can prepare for unnecessary double-switches manage. Zimmerman also doesn’t want players scolded publicly i.e. Jim Riggleman calling out Nyjer Morgan and talking about details of a closed-door meeting. In the words of Nationals Enquirer “Ryan Zimmerman calls out his manager for calling people out?

This is the boldest thing Zimmerman has ever done and my inclination is to think he’s taking the lead and not being a prima donna. Given Zimmerman’s stature with the franchise, his probably is not alone in feeling the way he does. I have a feeling Riggleman just got a little indigestion.

Zimmerman also wants Adam Dunn signed too, but don’t we all?

When it comes down to it, you have to respect a man with a kazoo (DC Sports Bog, The Post), don’t you?

Or a track suit (with Bruce Boudreau)

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