Nats TV ratings double in 2010 – DC Sports Bog, The Post
The Washington Nationals television ratings have been trending upward for two seasons and are now 1.4, double what they were last year. The ratings were actually greater than the NBA’s Washington Wizards and the hated Baltimore Orioles. Credit goes to HD, Stephen Strasburg and a more interesting, improved team. I refuse to credit Rob Dibble though. The only bad news in all of this is it helps Peter Angelos because Nats games are forced to be on his network, MASN.

But you know, “there are no baseball fans in Washington D.C., that’s a fiction.”

Author: WFY

Yet another Washingtonian pushing the ubiquitous Nats/DC sports, Penn State, commuting, bicycling, kayaking, broomball, skiing, gin & tonic agenda.

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