New Nats uniforms scheduled to debut November 10

11.10.2010 UPDATE: New Nats uniforms reactions

Let’s see, the Washington Nationals sold more merchandise than ever this past season, so it must be time for a uniform change!

Ever since the Nats switched to their current script Washington road uniforms in 2009, the writing has been on the wall that a change to a script Nationals home uniform was likely. The use of script for NatsTown graphics this year lent further credence that change was coming. DC Sports Bog thinks that will become official at the November 10 new uniform unveiling at Nationals Park.

I don’t mind the home whites that the Nats have worn since their inception and have a replica jersey that was given to me at my bachelor party. However, I don’t quibble with the uniform purists who want script that will match the curly W cap and road uniforms. It won’t be as unique as the golden beveled block lettering, but if they do what I expect, it will be fine. Being the Nats though, they may find a way to screw it up.

I have heard that the red alternative jerseys are out in favor of blue though. While I love blue, I have grown to like the red alts and with the Capitals, Redskins and next season, the Wizards, all wearing some shade of red, I like the idea of D.C. teams all wearing that color. At least the Nats will stay be red, white and blue. I have a theory that the road cap is going to switch to a red curly W too. I wonder if all the Phillies hate is contributing to blue replacing red? I have heard a rumor that the changes will be big, so perhaps the red cap is a goner too. I hope not.

Hopefully the cheesy stars and stripes uniforms are being retired too.

So, how does retiring DC United great Jaime Moreno feel about being given a soon-to-be obsolete Nats jersey?

UPDATED 9:20 p.m. October 27: A press release showed up in my inbox with details like this: The glitz and glamour of the fashion runway is coming to Nationals Park. On Wednesday, November 10, the Washington Nationals will unveil their new uniforms during an exclusive fashion show featuring players* Tyler Clippard, Ian Desmond, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, Drew Storen, Ryan Zimmerman and Jordan Zimmermann. Nationals Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations and General Manager Mike Rizzo* is also expected to make an appearance.

The event will be invitation only. I’ve RSVP’ed for a media pass already, but was denied. More details here: Details on new Nats exculsive uniform unveiling


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