Penn State vs. Michigan prediction

Last week, I correctly predicted Penn State would score 33 points and was within 3 points of Minnesota’s total. Not bad (the Redskins vs. Bears pick was even better).

This week, the hated Michigan Wolverines come to Happy Valley as a terrible team that is bailed out by its all world quarterback Denard Robinson. Robins has something like 2,500 yards of total offense in something like 5 games. He can run and throw well and is overall just scary. A stout Nittany Lions defense would have trouble with Robinson and this defense is more Coors Light than Guinness. Did you like the beer reference their everybody?

Penn State counters with Matt McGloin, a former walk-on from Scranton, in place of recently concussed Rob Bolden. He wears #11 (which makes him quite likable) and plays a reckless style of quarterback more befitting a backyard than a 100,000 seat stadium. That being said, the Wolverines defense, especially against the pass, is terrible. I saw, damn the torpedoes and give Mac lots of deep throws. He has tall wideouts that may be able to help him get away with some dangerous passes. I think Penn State’s best hope is for a WAC style shootout. I don’t think they can do it though because the defense just isn’t good enough.

Michigan 41

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