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This week I’m adding a new feature to my weakly, err weekly Washington Redskins prediction — a guest prognosticator. Yes, that is a Glenn Brenner reference and if I could, I would invite Sister Mary Louise. However, since she can’t join, I am going to ask people who are fans of the Redskins opponent to answer some questions. This week, with the Philadelphia Eagles on tap, I’ve asked Liz Chang, aka D.C. Sports Chick ,who contributes to Washington Capitals fan blog On Frozen Blog, to explain why somebody with that handle loves the Iggles. Oh and some other things too.

Back when you blogged at, you were not too fond of Michael Vick and that was before he got busted for dogfighting. How happy are you that the Eagles have a QB who has”two weapons — my arm, my legs and my brain” in his arsenal?

I’ve never been a fan of Michael Vick for a number of reasons, and that’s still the case. I’m all for redemption, but I haven’t seen much remorse coming from him, and that makes it hard to support him. I don’t think he’s the answer for the Eagles, but he is a step up from Kevin Kolb in terms of playing ability (and the ability to not get concussions in the first game of the season). Vick gives himself too much credit, but that’s nothing new.

How did you feel about the McNabb trade when it happened? What about now?

I was sad to see McNabb go, and very surprised that he went to the Redskins, but it was time for him to leave. I’d like him to do well, even with the Redskins- he’s a great guy. The problem is that he tends to play well for several games and then gets injured. Hopefully for his sake that won’t happen this year, but that’s the pattern of the past several years. Who knows, maybe a new team will be a fresh start for him, though he isn’t getting any younger.

You have adopted all the D.C. area pro teams except the Redskins, what kept you from rooting for them?

One of the biggest hurdles to rooting for the Redskins is the presence of Dan Snyder. I can’t believe how much crap he dishes out to the fans and they take it. It’s unreal. There’s also the fact that all the sports talk in this town is about the Redskins and seemingly no other sport. I think that’s changing a bit with the Caps’ success and the Wizards’ notoriety, but it’s all Redskins, all the time. It’s fatiguing. Additionally, since my husband is a huge Eagles fan, it helps to root for them to prevent marital discord.

Midnight green or kelly green?

Gotta go with the kelly green. I’ll never forget a kelly green Eagles jacket my brother had in the early ’80s when we lived in Delaware. That’s always stuck with me for some reason. What the heck is midnight green, anyway? If you’re outside at midnight looking at something green, it’s black, unless you have night-vision goggles.

Final score prediction?

I’m horrible with score predictions. I’ll just say that I want the Eagles to win, but the Redskins could see a huge game from McNabb, since he’s got something to prove.

Being terrible at predictions has not stopped me though:

Redskins 22

I have no good reason for it, other than the Redskins tend to do okay in Philly and the Eagles are due for a crushing letdown.

Oh and McNabb should come out to introductions wearing a Santa beard and hat.

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