After a hiatus, the guest prognosticator returns for this week’s Washington Redskins vs. Detroit Lions game. My old neighbor J.J. moved away to Michigan 25 years ago, but we’re still in touch. He explains how he got to be a Lions fan, the trauma of it and gives a prediction. I forgot to ask him if indoor football is terrible too.

When we were neighbors back in the 1980s, we liked different teams than we do now. You were a Los Angeles Rams fan — remember that Rams jacket my mom got you form Dart Drug? I already explained my conversion to the home team — how long did it take for you to convert to the Lions after you moved to Michigan?

J.J. actually made in upgrade an cheering for the Lions

I guess it took a total of 4 years to totally convert to an all Detroit fan. Once the Rams moved from LA I was no longer a supporter. Other than the Lions, I have been fairly happy w/ the performance of the Detroit Sports teams . . I got to see several Stanley Cups, a few NBA championships, a World Series appearance, and the Lions get blown out in their ONE playoff showing.

Even with the black for black’s sake facemask, the Lions had solid uniforms until last season. What in the name of Eric Hipple were they thinking in changing them to the current set?

At least you didn’t use . . what in the name of Andre Ware were they thinking! The new uni’s were supposed to represent the changing of the Lions from the same ol same ol to the up and coming… well some things never change.

How big was last year’s Lions win over the Redskins?

Well – when ya have 3 wins in 4 years ANY win is quite an event here is Detroit. This is such a football town it’s not funny… look out if the lions ever make it to the Super Bowl… Wow, that was hard to type without laughing hysterically!

How is the Lions gameday experience?

One this is for sure in southeast MI – we LOVE our tailgating! The lots are packed from 7 am until 7pm every time the Lions play. How can you explain the Lions selling out all these home games w/ the team they put on the field? Yep – it’s the beer!

What’s better, a Lions tailgate or Jobbie Nooner?

That’s a tough one . . Jobbie comes but once a year and the weather is much warmer (thus less clothing of the ladies) but it’s tough to beat a good game day downtown… I’d say it’s a tie! Good call on the Jobbie William – you did your research!

So, what do you think of ESPN college football analyst Matt Millen? Was his appearance on the Michigan State vs. Michigan game appreciated in the Great Lakes State?

All I can say is ESPN must HATE the state of Michigan. How else can you explain that terd of GM getting the State/Michigan game? Pam Ward would have been a tremendous increase in talent over Millen… and if you’ve see Pam do a game you know what I am saying.

Isn’t it rather presumptuous to schedule a Lions home game on Halloween? Are we sure Ford Field will survive Devil’s Night?

With Dave Bing on the Mayor’s office and that BUM Kwame Kilpatrick in jail, Devils night really isn’t the same anymore. They actually now refer to it as Angel’s night and have hundreds upon hundreds of volunteers patrolling the streets of the D!

Final score prediction?

I am rolling w/ Lions 24 – Skins 17.

Good luck and next year is the year of the Nats!

Since Redskins play down the their competition, I expect something similar to what J.J. is predicting.

Redskins 16

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