Last week’s guest prognosticator was so much fun, I figured I’d keep it up for this week’s Washington Redskins prediction. The Green Bay Packers come to town so this week’s guest prognosticator is Wisconsin native @LeavittDC“. You may remember him (under a different moniker) from several Penn State vs. Wisconsin previews over the years — 2008 2007 2006.

Is it just me or does it seem the Packers never play at the Redskins? I think it might have happened twice in my life. Will you be attending this rare Packers area appearance and will you have a cheesehead on?

In the 10 years I’ve lived in D.C., these two teams have played four times: 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2007 (all Green Bay wins). I especially remember the 2001 game, which happened a couple weeks after Sept. 11 — the Packers beat the Jeff George-led Redskins 37-0. I don’t really remember the other three games other than the fact that one of them involved Green Bay winning after a key Clinton Portis fumble. As it happens, I’ll be in Wisconsin for this week’s game. No cheesehead.

Have you gotten over Brett Favre? What about the Packers fanbase?

We’ll never forget you, Brent.

Favre’s successor Aaron Rodgers wears #12 which will always be Lynn Dickey’s number to me. Should Rogers have to wear the same style of facemask Dickey wore?

Packers vs. Rams circa 1983 or so, when the NFL was awesome
Lynn Dickey and Jack Youngblood -- Packers vs. Rams circa 1983 or so, when the NFL was awesome

Lynn Dickey played during a dark age of Packers football. Then again, he did throw to throw to James Loften and John Jefferson, one of whom is in the Hall of Fame and both of whom were frequent Pro Bowl players. Aaron Rogers, a California boy who went to Cal-Berkeley, doesn’t strike me as the type who would go for the old-fashioned facemask.

Speaking of Dickey, is the 1983 Redskins at Packers Monday night game (a 48-47 Green Bay win and one of two Redskins regular season loses) an under-appreciated classic?

That game was definitely one of the main high points in between the Lombardi Era and the 1996 Super Bowl.

I just learned of the Packerena – should I be scared?

Look, the Packers are a major sports franchise. But it can’t be ignored that this is a small-town team. And this is a perfect example of the type of silly thing that wouldn’t resonate quite the same way in a major city. Green Bay has 100,000 residents, and the team plays in a stadium bordered on three sites by Ashwaubenon, a village of 17,000 people. This song was played on the radio plenty in Wisconsin, so I see where you’re going with the question.

Editor’s note: I’m scared of the Macarena – so, I’m not picking on Green Bay’s size. You’ll see that I will go after big cities that do this sort of thing too.

What’s so great about artificial turf? Are you disappointed that FedEx Field and Lambeau Field both have natural grass?

FedEx Field is not a terribly convenient stadium to get to. But the playing field itself looks damn good on TV. This might crush your idealistic view of Lambeau Field, but it has synthetic fibers woven into the sod.

What should the Redskins fear about the Packers? What is scary about the Redskins?

There’s no question that Green Bay’s strength is its passing game. No one has really stopped Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and “tight end” Jermichael Finley all season. The only thing holding them back are turnovers and the complete lack of a running game (which admittedly are two pretty big things). What scares me about the Redskins is that they don’t seem to do anything particularly well, they haven’t put together a particularly good game yet… but they’re in first place in their division.

What is your final score prediction?

Packers: 27
Redskins: 21

Like @LeavittDC, I have feeling the day will belong to the Packers, but it will probably be more convincing than he suggests.

Packers 31
Redskins 20

Kickoff is 1 p.m. on Sunday, televised by FOX (in DC, WTTG 5)

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  1. So much for my prediction. Nice win for the Redskins, although the helmet-to-helmet hit on Aaron Rodgers on Green Bay’s last offensive play was brutal.

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