Last week DC Sports Bog reported that John Riggins was speculating on his tv/HD radio show that this is the final season of Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff on Washington Redskins radio. The pair has been doing games together since time immemorial.

Riggins is not making a leap of logic coming to the conclusion that this will be it for the Sonny and Sam. I don’t think I am making a leap of logic that Riggo is campaigning for a job. I’m okay with that too, because Riggins is as insightful a football mind as you will find, plus he does have a tendency to offer unique perspectives. I think he’d be the perfect third man in the booth. I’d make Joe Theismann the second man.

Back in 2006, when Tony Kornheiser joined Monday Night Football with Theismann , I noted that if there were two Washingtonians in the booth and one of them wasn’t Riggins, it was a mistake. While that will never be corrected on Monday Night Football, a changing of the guard in Redskins radio is an excellent opportunity pair the two together. I know that not everybody likes Theismann, but I’m okay with him. I think Riggins and Theismann would keep each other in check for the most part and when they didn’t, it would probably be quite entertaining.

There are probably two major stumbling blocks keeping this from happening. The first one is a big one — Riggins ongoing feud with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. The specifics of the feud are not publicly known, but it probably has to do with let go from Snyder’s ESPN radio station. However, given that Riggins has gone of the reservation before, most notably in 1980 when he sat out the season in a contract dispute, it isn’t inconceivable that he could mend fences. Snyder would have to be willing to overlook the past as well and while we’ve been seeing the softer side of Snider of late, I’m not sure if he’s quite willing to forgive and forget. Theismann on the other hand might still prefer to do television, though he’s been out of calling games every week since Monday Night Football let him go. He apparently has good relations with Snyder too.

Last November, Riggins and Theismann met with each other and discussed the state of the Redskins. They apparently got into a snit after the fact, but here is how the worked together then:

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