I’m pretty happy with the way my Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles prediction worked out. The Redskins won by 5 points, the same margin I predicted on Friday. I said, 22-17, but it wound up being 17-12. A few notes:

Donovan McNabb
got his big win and homecoming and did not get booed too much. I really wanted him to come out in a Santa hat and beard though.

The Redskins hit much better overall. The Lorenzo Alexander hit on the kickoff return was huge, setting the tone.

The hits that knocked out Mike Vick were good clean hits. I’m not in favor of player getting injured (even Vick), but I am in favor of big, well-executed hits .

17 first half points for the Skins and none in the second half. The opposition has adjusted well every week at half-time, while the Redskins regress. Is it because they are old?

Hmmm, methinks a lot of Penn State/Eagles fans thought they were having flashback at the end of the 1st half. Is there anybody in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania who understands clock management?

I’m glad the Redskins wore the white pants with burgundy. I still maintain that looks better than the gold pants.

Redskins, Eagles and Giants are all 2-2. Parity! I’m now 2-2 predicting games too.

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