This week, I’m answering my own questions. Links to the roundtable to follow, sorry about misspelling Hoosiers folks.

The Indiana Hoosiers have lost every Big Ten game they have played this season. They have lost by 7 to Michigan, 28 to Ohio State, 30 to Illinois, 3 to Northwestern, 5 to Iowa and 63 to Wisconsin. Is there anything that scares you about them?

Other than typical fan paranoia, I am not to worried about the Hoosiers. Penn State should be able to move the ball at will. If Mike Mauti was healthy, I would not be worried at all I think. I’m really disappointed he’s out, I was really looking forward to seeing him play in person.

QB Matt McGloin is starting for the Nittany Lions again this Saturday. Is there anything he can do in the next two games to establish himself as the frontrunner for next season or will it be an open competition no matter what?

I don’t think there is any way McGloin can lock down the quarterback job in the next two games. The competition for next year needs and will be an open one. Had McGloin beaten Ohio State, I might have felt differently. Rob Bolden played well for a true freshman and has and probably higher upside. Paul Jones, the redshirt freshman, is apparently promising as well, so we may see 3 guys fighting for the job. I would not be shocked if the bowl game starter won’t be determined until two days before the game.

Penn State is generally lethargic in road games with early kickoffs. The playcalling is also not very aggressive in these situations. Will playing a mere 200 miles from home in a stadium full of Penn State fans make a difference?

It better! Penn State has not turtled-up this year as much as in previous years and in a friendly environment against an opponent like Indiana, I think they will be aggressive on offense. I think the players will naturally be more pumped up playing near D.C. than if they were in Bloomington.

Saturday’s game at FedEx Field is the first of several games along the I-95 Corridor this decade. Will you be be there? If yes, why? If not, why not?

I will be there Saturday morning, along with a bunch of friends. I was very pleasantly surprised when I learned I could take the Metro to a Penn State game. I get the feeling that the attendance won’t be as high as it should be though. I also hope to attend games in Philadelphia and the Meadowlands.

Quick hits

Was going for it on 4 and 1 at the 20 yard line the right decision against Ohio State?

No, I said they should have kicked. My dad was watching with me and said it was the right decision. We both agreed going outside with Silas Redd was a poor playcall.

How many times will Bill Lynch throw/spit out his gum?


Does Rob Bolden see any playing time this week?

Yes, a series in the first half, more in the second half

Does Silas Redd make the trip after his 4 a.m. “adventure” this past weekend?


Will Sean Stanley play at all again in 2010?

Yes, the Nittany Lions are too thin on the defensive line

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