This week’s questions come from Galen at Linebacker-U, be sure you check out 10 Minutes or Less: 2005 Ohio State at Penn State

So let’s just get this out of the way: who should start; Bolden or McGloin and why?

I was in the Rob Bolden camp, but what Matt McGloin has simply established himself as the starter of the Nittany Lions. He’s been successful and the team has responded to him. That gets a big test on Saturday afternoon, Ohio State is a whole different challenge than Minnesota, Michigan and Northwestern.

The Penn State defense has faced running quarterbacks the past two weeks, does that help them get ready for Pryor? In other words can they contain Pryor?

The experience of facing running quarterbacks in the last two weeks certainly helps Penn State, but Ohio State has a more balanced attack than either Michigan and Northwestern, two one-man offenses. I think their best bet is to try and make Pryor beat them with his arm. He’s capable of it I’m afraid, but it is by no means a foregone conclusion.

Ohio State isn’t unbeatable, Wisconsin proved that when they pounded OSU 31-18. Whether you believe it or not convince me that Penn State will win and back it up with something tangible (Alien abduction does not count).

I think Penn State can beat the gameplan is aggressive and McGloin has success throwing the ball. I think if the traditional approach to playing it tight on the road won’t work. Joe Paterno has in the past been too content to play it close and hope for a lucky break. I say, go for broke and make peace with the fact that a loss, whether by 4 points or 22 points is a loss either way. Special teams might be able to aid this and I’d like to see Justin Brown get some touches as well. Jim Tressel doesn’t want to get in a shootout, he much prefers exchanging punts. I think making Terrelle Pryor win the game with his arm is the best thing Penn State can do.

Last week we had a question about obnoxious Michigan fans, let’s keep this rolling; what is your worst experience with a Buckeye fan?

I can’t think of a specific experince with a Buckeyes fan, since I’m never in Ohio. Ask me about Indiana and Michigan State.

Quick Hits

Number of times 400 wins is mentioned during ESPN Gameday?


Number of times Heisman is mentioned in the same sentence as Terrelle Pryor.


Who wins in a cage fight: Matt McGloin or Kirk Herbstreit?

The McGloin – Herbstreit thing is just about getting out of hand. It was funny 2 weeks ago, but it has gone on too long.

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