Adam Dunn has five days to file for free agency and the Washington Nationals have exclusive rights to negotiate with him during that period. If they offer him arbitration for a 1 year contract, they will get will get compensatory draft picks if Dunn declines. Some details from Nationals Journal, The Post:

No matter who signs Dunn, the Nationals will receive a “sandwich” pick in the supplementary round between the first and second round. The first 18 picks of this year’s draft are protected, meaning a team that picks in the first 18 picks will surrender its second-round choice if it signs another team’s Type A free agent, but a team in the bottom 15 picks of the first round that signs another team’s Type A free agent will lose its first-round pick. (There are 33 picks in the first round this year, based on teams receiving compensation for not signing their 2010 first-round pick, like what happened to the Nationals with Aaron Crow in 2008.)

I want Dunn back, but am assuming he’s gone. coverage of Adam Dunn

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