The Washington Nationals offered arbitration to Adam Dunn. Nationals Journal takes a look at possible outcomes. I expect Dunn to decline arbitration and sign elsewhere, netting the Nats some draft picks.

In other recent Nats news:

Stephen Strasburg told Mike Rizzo
(Nationals Enquirer) he is doing well. Strasburg also did not receive a single vote in the NL Rookie of the Year voting.

OF Josh Willingham won’t be signed to a contract extension (Nationals Journal, The Post) and what it means (Nats Insider)

Ball Wonk
has returned…but for how long? An interview with the Nats solid blue cap is an early highlight.

Frank Robinson is campaigning open to being honored by the Nats – Nationals Journal, The Post.

Nationals Enquirer
is still the best Nats blog out there.

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