New Nats uniforms unveiled tonight

UPDATE: New Nats uniforms reactions

Tonight is the exclusive unveiling of the Washington Nationals new uniforms. Already, two apparent leaks have come out:

New cap — DC Sports Bog reports that a blue cap with a red brim and squatchee and the white curly W outlined in red was briefly available for sale on the Nats official online store yesterday and today apparently. Basically, it looks like the curly W on a Atlanta Braves or Minnesota Twins alternate cap.

Road jersey — Nationals Enquirer found a road jersey that looks almost identical to last year’s script Washington model. The only difference is different sleeve piping nad no interlocking DC insignia. I liked the DC insignia on the sleeve.

Alternate jersey — Nationals Enquirer found an alternate jersey too.

TBD has a “design your own Nats uniform” contest up. Extra bonus points for them including stirrups in the template.

My prediction — the Nats home jersey has Nationals spelled out in script with a looping N, just like the NatsTown script. EXPECT IT!

So, what do you think the chances that Adam Dunn comes out in one of the new uniforms and announces he has signed here? REMOTE

FWIW, my most recent post about Nats uniforms is the most popular thing I have ever blogged.


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