Obsolete Washington Nationals uniforms by William F. Yurasko
The Washington Nationals biggest uniform overhaul yet means fans now have team merchandise that is outdated, but look the bright side though those are throwbacks now! So, whether you bought your jersey out of a trailer in the RFK Parking lot in late 2004 or it has #37 STRASBURG on the back of it, you need not worry. If there is one thing our culture is all about it is premature nostalgia for the not-so-distant past.1 Then again, I’ve heard nostalgia is a form of depression.2 Perhaps given the Nats first six seasons, that is a little lot more apt analysis than we’d like.

I think my Nats jersey probably gets “retired” so to speak with the changes. I don’t think I’ll get a new one either, I’ll probably wear a team t-shirt, maybe a sweatshirt going forward. I’m not opposed to a new one (especially the road uniform which is the best DC has ever worn), but I don’t see myself plunking down the dough. If I got jerseys at this point, I’d be leaning towards the red Washington Capitals sweater.

I’ll probably pull out my old beveled-block Nats jersey for Opening Day 2015 when the original team gets together and Brad Wilkerson and Jose Gullien hug at home plate before ¡LIVAN! pitches 7 innings.

Oh and Ryan Zimmerman won the Silver Slugger award for third basemen and as usual, Nationals Enquirer nails it. SIGN ADAM DUNN!

1I think that’s a Joe Queenan line
2Abbie Hoffmann — I did not know that

Author: WFY

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