This morning, while running errands, I could see FedEx Field from I-395 and I realized that I had not yet posted my Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins prediction. When we last saw the Redskins, they were limping off the field in Nashville after an overtime win over the Tennessee Titans. They have many injured players and have trouble winning two in a row.

The poorly coached Vikings actually have a lot of talent, but got to be below .500 because they didn’t trust what they have,  and went for a washed-up interception machine named Brett Favre as quarterback. That cost Brad Childress his job, Leslie Frazier is now the interim head coach. While Favre is almost certainly going to throw an interception or two, I’m convinced Carlos Rogers will drop one of them.

Minnesota Vikings 27

I should have a guest prognosticator for next week’s game against the New York Giants.

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